Public Access –

The Main Entrance (2) is located on The Park Road which is just off Ruskin Road. We have various other entrances around the park open on the night for entry and exit (3), (4) & (5).


Disabled Access –

It is with regret that we will no longer be able to provide a designated “Disabled access area” at Carshalton Fireworks. In previous years the area of the park just inside the gate 1 (Ruskin Road) entrance has been used for our disabled spectators due to the solid path and proximity to the road, making disabled access and exit easier. This area is closer to the bonfire than the main viewing area. Due to this proximity and the wind direction at last years display, some members of the public in this area experienced clothing damage from falling embers. This caused us considerable concern on a safety level as there was the potential for physical injury from these falling embers. As safety of the public is paramount in organising this display, we have reviewed our health and safety plan. As we are unable to predict the weather and wind direction, we have concluded that we cannot take the risk of a member of the public being physically harmed. For this safety reason we have taken the decision to close this area of the park.

Due to the layout of the park, we are unable to relocate the “Disabled access area” anywhere else. However, we are able to provide a “Wheelchair friendly area”, accessible along the tarmac path from gate 5 (Ashcombe Road). This will be a stewarded fenced off section within the main viewing area allowing better visibility for wheelchair users. This area will be limited to wheelchair users plus one. To access this area, you just need regular tickets.